Friday, August 12, 2005

Short, some would say ironic, drowning story

So, my themes developing are Glass and Water and their relation to fear, trust, and historical daredevils.
I take a few days vacation to visit my girlfriend in Massachusettes, who is freshly back from Russia.
Her family invites me to join them on a boat trip. Wow, that's great!
So, I'm having fun hanging with my girlfriend's sister's husband, who is also named John. John decides to swim back to the boat that has lowered its anchor about... I don't know 200 feet away from shore, and I say, "sure, I'll join you." Half way there I realize that this swim is quickly draining my energy, and the direction of the current is taking me farther away from the boat, and much farther from the shore. I lay on my back to float awhile, but the waves are so large that they crash over me, water and salt fill my mouth, and I start going down, down, down. I start dog paddeling but the mist from the wind fills the air and I can't breathe, I start going down, down, down. I call out to John and say, "Man, I can't make it!" He thinks I'm joking so I repeat, "Man, I can't make it! For Real!" He gets an odd look on his half submerged face, and tells me to calm down. He is doing a good job, he is a little older than me, and I easily see him as a older nurturing sibling, but I am still going down, down, down. Now I start really panicking, and begin reviewing all the stupid things I did in my life, I start wondering what my girlfriend's family is going to think if I drown, or live. I feel screwed either way. A smaller boat, used to bring people from the shore to the anchored boat passes by, and I yell "Help", and John thinking he is helping by boosting my confidence says, "No, It's all right, we'll be fine." And I yell, "No, he's wrong, I'm not fine! Get over here!" The small boat circles around me and I grab onto a handle on the front and the boat guy starts bringing me to the larger boat. I hang on tight to the handle, and I bump into it occasionaly, and then grab tighter. I later find out that, I could have been pulled under the boat and cut to shreds by the propelar. That would have been great!
So, I'm still alive, and my girlfriends family still appears to like me.
I came back to rehearsal today, and told the guys that I almost drowned. I relayed the story, and we all laughed.
They said, "That would have been wonderful, the Water Daredevil drowns." It may have been some good publicity, but I'm pretty sure that all parties involved are mostly happy that I am alive.



Blogger Neo-Daredevils said...

For every show we've done, I've always wondered what we would do if someone actually did die. Every night I did Too Much Light and crossed Ashland and Foster (about 25% of the time, you almost get run over by someone turning), I wondered if people would cancel the show if I got splattered back down under a Buik.

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