Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Dean here.

Andrews picture are awesome. When he was taking them I wa slike "Man, I betcha this looks boring". But they look neat.
I practiced yesterday on a wire at the midnight circus space with Ariele's instruction. I was so much better. I made it all the way across the wire many times. I have to really work on staying forward, moving forward, flopping my arms and wrists, keeping my arms above my head, keeping my torso stiff, sliding my foot out and staying low. And it really helps when I take big steps and really lunge forward. I used ballet slippers, so this time my feet didnt hurt so bad, and I could practice for longer. I can wait to do it again. I'm addicted. I love it because it feels like I'm doing something impossible. My mind is saying this cant happen it wont work. But there I am walking back and forth on a bouncy thin little wire. I love it. I want to be able walk backwards and eventually lay down on my back. And then for my grand finale I'll bring some girl up on the wire with me and have sex with her up there.

I was thinking for my first part about coming out in high heels. My stunts seem to involve allot of walking. Origianlly I wanted to do the entire show in drag. So the high heels thing is only natural. Cant wait for rehearsal tonight. I like the new work out, the four square, and I get to practice walking on my pipe. This is going to be a fun show. I hope I dont punture my kidney and die before the run is over.

You other guys better start blogging... Ryan!


Blogger jtm said...

Wow, Dean, wow. Impressive stuff on the tight rope. I encourage you to get a ladder onto the tightrope routine Uncommon Clay style. Yo diggity.

10:42 AM  

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