Wednesday, July 27, 2005

John Update

Well, I want to incorporate water and glass into my daredevil study. I started this idea because I tend to not drink enough water, so I thought that well... now I will try drinking too much water. But I don't think my bladder will be able to handle that onstage for an hour and a half, while also jumping around and climbing over the audience, and pouring buckets of water on myself and slapping people silly. Also I am fascinated by a guy name Joe in California who buried himself in a glass coffin. He craved fame, and yet he didn't take the precautions needed to do the stunt. People have died before doing stunts, but this was severly unplanned and his friends and family told him it wouldn't work. He invited press and friends and talked about his fame-to-be, and he died. He suffocated.


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