Thursday, August 11, 2005

I'm obsessed.

I saw a guy stealing a bike yesterday and I wasnt very daredevily. He was scary, but he didnt mess with me because I puffed up my chest a clenched my jaw when I walked passed him. I totally busted him. I was kind of hoping for some confrontation. But there wasnt any. Amber's bike got stolen less than a week ago. And he was wearing a FBI shirt. As if people will think this dirt bag is actually an FBI agent who leaggally confiscating this bike for national security. Then he pretended to ride on it it like it was his. While still holding his huge steel clippers, while the SUV that took off when I walked by probably drove around the block. I'm mad at that guy.

I found this picture of this kid and now I'm obsessed with it. The picture is how I feel like in this show. Cold, slightly embarrassed, and on the spot and if I can just get my mind off of those things for one second during the show I might just live out a fantasy.

I'm meeting with a guy from the Chicago Flyhouse tommorow. If he cant help me, then I'll be a tightpipe walker. But not just any tightpipe walker, the worlds greatest tightpipe walker.

Hey someone should post our awesome photos up here. They are awesome.


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