Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Stuff is happening (Dean)

I wrote the following as an email to the director. And then I realized that it would be a good blog entry (with some editing for tone):

Just keeping you updated.

I'm talking to the Flyhouse guy tommorow morning. I
emailed him and told him we're going into tech. So I'm talking with
him tommorow to see when they can do this thing.

And I got another sponsor from the Andersonville
Development Corporation.

I saw flexible aluminum vent tubing at home depot, 25
feet for $11.99. I couldn't pick any up because I
didnt have my wallet on me. But now we know it exists
in the world.

My personal goal is to get $200 dollars more in sponsorship.

I got all my wig supplies and it's coming along

Maybe this email is all crap that should go on the
blog instead of in an email. Oh well, I just wanted
to tell somebody.



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