Friday, August 19, 2005

Oh My Head

Wow Folks, I'm hurt, and probably more than I have ever been. And the odd thing is I haven't a clue what to blame it on.
My head has been numb for six days and I am in the process of going to doctors and having xrays and mri's. And no one seems to know so far what is causing just my head to be tingling. It is hard to wake up with a tingling head, I just want to go back to sleep. They have ruled out severe things like Stroke and blood clots but that only makes me feel a bit better. And like I said, there is no one thing that I did in my over active life that I can blame it on. I can't say, "oh yeah, my head hitting that wall, that hurt!" I have been taking it more easy lately and all I can think is that it has been caused by all the stress of all the shows and exercising on my own and the constant bike rideing and running, and worrying, and forcing my body into odd shapes in TML. I have only guesses and no answers. I will probably have funnier posts soon, like about how I tried to explain what I am doing in Daredevils to the doctor in the ER. That was pretty funny. and how I panicked at rehearsal and said I have to go home and walking out and realizing I had no way home, so I just jumped on any bus and had to end up walking about three miles home, with my head numb. Luckily all my things in the show are pretty cemented, so this time off I have to take should be ok.

ps, I thought almost drowning might have something to do with the pain, but the doctor said unless I went unconscious under the water, he doesn't think so.

More later.



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Hey John, how's your head?

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