Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Smoke (cough cough)

Ryan just rode up the ramp on the bike. It totally made it. With a slightly longer runway and maybe starting off on a small downward incline I think he's going to catch some major air. Now if we can just secure the live shark, we're set. We're still trying to track down an anaconda.

We have an actuall "script", of sorts, now. It's neat to see the whole show on paper. Some things still may or may not be possible. I love working on a show that is beyond current capacity. It makes things so much more heightened and unpredictable. But the catch is, you can't be a pussy.

We are still seeking more sponsors. I really think this show is going to be well attended so if any of you Blog readin' folk are teetering on the edge, now is the time to claim your daredevil realestate before all the good spots are taken. The audience will want us so bad that if your name or logo is on us they will want you.

Andrew Collings was in rehearsal taking pictures tonight. I can't wait to see his pictures. He's officially sponsoring us. So, thats awesome.


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