Friday, September 23, 2005

More good reviews

We got two more awesome reviews from Centerstage and Timeout.
We were also on the WGN morning show. It was a fun shoot even though it was at 7 in the morning. We shot 4 segments. We did the intro to the show, the piece refered to as "nails" and three mini stunts including The Watery Bike of Doom, Pushy push push trash and Welcome to High school all Skate. The show conitues to go well. If you havent seen it yet you better.

Here's the review from Centerstage:
The show packs a powerful and fun punch.
Dennis Mahoney September 19, 2005

Stunts! Action! Danger! Jackassery! Ah, some of my favorite words in the English language, and the best words to describe "Daredevils," now playing at the Neo-Futurarium. This high-charged display of testosterone spirit and pure energy by the five daredevils for which the show is named will have you laughing, cheering and even holding your breath.

With a flame painted floor and a '70s-era logo on the back wall, "Daredevils" opens with hilariously cliched fog machine effects as the daredevils are introduced to the strains of Gary Glitter's "Rock and Roll (Part 2)", revealing their strength while zipping down their flight suits. Gymnastics, tumbling and shouting ensue, setting the tone of what is to come.

"Daredevils" is the creation of veteran Neo-Futurist Ryan Walters, who had little trouble recruiting four other actors to be in the show. This is revealed during individual interrogations by the deep-voiced light and sound designer Dan Broberg. Most jumped at the chance to take part, and didn't seem to mind the pain or injury incurred during rehearsals.

Look out when the daredevils roll out a cart full of props and tools. Which feat they perform is determined by spinning an arrow on a game wheel. One such game, "Welcome to High School: All Skate" features bare-chested daredevils whipping each other with wet towels. The "Water Bike of Doom" has an unlucky daredevil riding a toddler's bike while being pelted with water balloons.

Jackassery aside, there are some truly heartfelt moments about personal decision making, including an investigation of why people take risks and engage in mindless dares and stunts. In particular, Andy Bayiates discusses the perils of being both an asthmatic and a daredevil while doing laps across the stage. Throwing caution out the door, he even swallows a bowlful of spicy curry while his fellow daredevils dance to lively Indian music.

Because the games and stunts are mixed with scenes and individual narratives, the show sizzles from beginning to end. Just when you think you might have seen it all in the confines of this small theater, a daredevil rolls down a ramp in a barrel, walks on glass, crosses a tightrope or cannonballs himself across the stage.

Still want more? An energetic full audience participation game draws everyone in, and any wandering mind is quickly snapped back to attention.

Neo-Futurarium; 5143 N. Ashland; (773) 275-5255; $15 (pay what you can on Thursdays). Through October 15; 8 p.m. Thursday-Saturday


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