Wednesday, September 07, 2005

John's late update about his head

Wow! I haven't written in a long time, and now opening is just a day away. I hurt myself pretty badly, and I never did figure out exactly what caused it. My guess is a combination of a few different extraordinary circumstance. First, I had taken on too many projects and was at wits end before I even started Daredevils. I was running 7 miles a day, riding my bike to and from rehearsal each day which is about 15 miles, plus the 30 minute workout out with my fellow Daredevils. Then of course I nearly drowned in the Ocean, which I think caused a delayed trama that began to surface during Too Much Light one night later when I stretched my body between two ladders. I have been doing this for awhile in Too Much Light..., a play called Fuck You, It's a Jungle Gym. I would go home each night with my neck a little stiff, but that last night I did it. I put the ladders too far apart and I don't think my spine liked me anymore. I think my spine and my muscles conspired that night to force me to take abreak. But there wasn't time. The next day in rehearsal I began working on my bis stunt, called "The Spider Crawl" I crashed myself into a side of one of the ramps and I must have jarred my head, because here I sit today, three weeks later, with some remaing tingling in my head and left knee.
I went to two different doctors, sat in the ER, and refused to pay 3,000 dollars for an MRI. I was just in the process of signing up for Insurance when this happened. so I am not covered for this Daredevil activity. I opted for the 300 dollar X-ray, a cheaper ball to get the injury doctor game started. My doctor only found some spasmed muscles. Under Heather Riordan's instruction I made an appointment with her Chiropractor, Neill Sussman. My doctor told me my body could probably not take the strain of a chiropractor so he told me to cancel the appointment. I worried, and really didn't know what to do, so I cancelled the appointment. I wasn't getting any better, so I said "what the hell" and I rescheduled the appointment. Sussman told me to bring in the x-rays. I went to meet this Sussman, he studied my x-rays with an intense nonchalance. He turned to me and said, "Your vertebrae (then he named the vertebrae but I can't remember those technical terms) is pressing against a nerve that goes up through your head, over your forehead and into the back of your eyes." And I said, "Well that's interesting, that is where all my tingling is coming from. He said one appointment could probably fix this. He nearly broke my neck, my god, that cracking business is frightening, especially when it is going on in your neck. A stranger takes your neck into is hands and jerks it and you crack, it's only a few steps away from Manslaughter, but with more pleasing results. I immediately fealt better, but not completely. He said to take it easy. Alas, I could not take it easy, becuase I am a Daredevil and am in the midst of the last stunt show or play that I ever plan on doing. It was a good carreer for me and very enjoyable, but from now on I have to leave Buster Keaton behind and learn a bit more from the safe Charlie Chaplin. Each day my head feels better and by the end of the night after the run throughs at the theater, I am back to squear one. EAch night I go to bed with a heating pad. I think this will continue until we can get this show on its feet and then I can take a few days off to heal.
All and all this has been one of the best shows that I have worked on, I just wish I wasn't feeling so much pain and apprehension, and now I can't do my Spider Crawl, but The Houdini trick is mighty frightening nonetheless. Upside down in a fish bowl, hanging from my toes. That will just have to be enough daredevil.

thanks for reading.



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